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MicroBilt Corporation

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MicroBilt Corporation
Protect and grow your dealership. The better informed your decisions, the more successful your business.

MicroBilt has been helping dealerships assess and manage risk for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve become extremely familiar with the challenges and needs of our clients. Our products are customized to those needs. Our suite of products and services provide timely and accurate information for better business decisions.

Better Credit Decisions - MicroBilt combines our own proprietary data with federal, state and third-party sources to provide the most accurate, extensive and timely data available. We give you the best chance to get the right customer into the right car, providing the data and tools that you need.

Better Collections - MicroBilt’s suite of recovery and skip tracing tools provide quick, convenient, and current data that help you prioritize and successfully track people down and collect.

Better Fraud Protection - Protect your dealership from fraud and keep your dealership compliant. MicroBilt’s ID Verification & Authentication tools allow you to quickly and cost-effectively confirm critical identity information before you make a transaction. Protecting your business from the impact of identity theft and fraud is easy with us.

Better Hiring Decisions - Using MicroBilt’s tools for background screening - criminal, sex offender, driving and employment verifications (instant and nationwide coverage), you protect your business from bad hiring decisions.

Better Bank Data - Instant Bank Verification (IBV) verifies a bank account in real-time, providing your dealership with an instant up-to-date bank statement and includes multiple identity verifications.

With an eye to the needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises often left out of the big data game, we structured our products to be suitable for your business. You can customize the products you need, and how much you want to spend. All our products are provided through a single, easy-to-use, access portal.

We can be your partner, providing the insight and data you need to protect your business, grow your bottom line, and keep your company running smoothly.

Visit our website: www.microbilt.com/?utm_source=niada&utm_medium=website%20link&utm_content=vendor%20guide
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2521 Brown Boulevard | Arlington, TX 76006 | 800-682-3837 | 817-640-3838 | Fax: 817-649-5866
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