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DigitalDog Auto Recovery

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3941 Park Drive Suite 20-309
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
United States
DigitalDog Auto Recovery

We are a repossession agency based in California and Nevada.

Esperanza & Michael Eusebio started DigitalDog Auto Recovery in 1998 with one simple notion: Keep your fingers on the pulse of the business, offer your employees a job they can turn into a career, and give clients superior customer services and assignments will come. And you know what? They were right.

DigitalDog Auto Recovery has become one of the largest repossession companies in Northern California. We run more than 65,000 addresses a year in more than 400 cities, and we recover more than 12,000 vehicles a year!

In October of 2002 we were the first privately owned repossession company to offer clients with real time review of their assignments on the internet. We are also the first repossession company to use computers and GPS to track when assignment are ran.


We have around 30 hounds working 24/7 sniffing out your collateral. They ride in state-of-the-art self loading wreckers equipped with on-board computers, video camera recorders and GPS satellite locators. The picture above is from an actual working repo truck, and as you can tell, includes 2 different GPS units, a laptop and even a rearview video recorder for sniffing out units behind us. The on-board computers function in real time for an immediate dispatch of your assignment and a faster acknowledgment that your car has been successfully recovered!

We are also now equipped with the new Digital Recognition Network cameras, which is the leader in license plate recognition technology. If your collateral is roaming in our territory, we will catch it. You can send us your orders of repossession on many online business-to-business electronic commerce sites, most fully equipped to handle everything from assigning assignments, asset recovery notification, update reports, accounting and transportation arrangements.

These websites include: Recovery Database Network (RDN,) FairIsaac, and even reports in real time on MBSi's i-Repo.

Visit our website: www.digitaldog.us
DigitalDog Auto Recovery | 3941 Park Drive Suite 20-309  El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 United States | 916x-235x-5265
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