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Cal Pro

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2575 S 1550 W
Ogden, UT 84401
United States
As the "King of Delivery," Jim Yerage has been featured in Auto Success, the #1 sales improvement magazine for the automotive industry. In the article "What Does Delivery Mean to Your Dealership?" he details the five steps to a successful and profitable delivery.Since customers today are increasingly doing the choosing as to whom they do business with, its essential that youre prepared to make customer delivery an extraordinary Jim Yerage experience in order to make your customers feel that the decision they made to buy from you and your dealership in the first place was the right one, whether theyre a repeat customer or not.

This impression is so important to our industry that a full one-third of overall customer satisfaction is now related to customer delivery, and the simple fact is, the customer you just delivered will influence someone else to buy within the next 30 days. So why not make sure their delivery is an experience that will immediately maximize your referral opportunities?Where most dealerships and sales consultants see customer delivery as the end of the buying process, our system allows you to transform it into merely the beginning.

Imagine delivering a powerful last impression and having the memory of that last impression be what goes to work for all of you. Cal-Pro has created a seamless, integrated system that starts at time of delivery by photographing your customers in front of their new vehicles, ensuring that great experience and creating that lasting impression. The memory of their delivery experience is sure to be an impression worthy of encouraging immediate sales and service opportunities.

Our system allows you to get certified on customer delivery by putting your personal fingerprint on creating those memories, giving you a real competitive edge. Thats one thing your competition cant take away from you. We may not remember days, but we do remember the memories in our lives. This delivery system allows you the opportunity to enhance the experience your customers will receive when taking delivery of their new vehicle. Here are the marketing products for your dealership and the communication tools for your sales consultants. Designed to keep the experience working for you and your customers for years to come.Each system allows: Every client becomes a VIP customer. Hundreds of your satisfied customers to promote dealership and sales consultants by displaying, interacting, and sharing their gift and pictures with family, friends and associates. A wall life that is greater than any other appreciation gift that has a tendency to go away after a few days or possibly a week. Additional components to help you retain your customers as well as assist in customer follow-up.
Visit our website: www.calproinc.com
Cal Pro | 2575 S 1550 W  Ogden, UT 84401 United States | 800x-298x-2556
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2521 Brown Boulevard | Arlington, TX 76006 | 800-682-3837 | 817-640-3838 | Fax: 817-649-5866
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